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AKILA Parboiled Rice

Parboiled Rice is partially boiled in the husk, which increases its nutritional value and improves its cooking qualities. AKILA’S Premium Grade Long Grain Parboiled Rice cooks up with loose, separate, slightly firmer grains and is never sticky. This versatile rice is great when served with stir-fries, stews and curries, with chicken, lamb, beef, pork or goat, as well as with vegetable dishes such as Jollof rice.

AKILA White Rice

Our Premium Grade Long Grain White Rice produces distinct grains that stay fluffy and separate after cooking. The grains have a firm, dry texture, which is best for side dishes, fried rice, pilafs, salads, vegetable sauces, spicy seafood dishes or with chicken, lamb, beef, pork or goat.

AKILA Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is a long-grain variety of fragrant rice with a slight sweet floral aroma and flavour. It is slightly shorter and rounder compared to Basmati rice, moist and soft in texture when cooked. It’s best served with paella, African-style curries or with fragrant dishes like spicy djangsang sauce.

AKILA Thai Fragrant Rice

Thai Fragrant Rice is a type of long grain rice with a thin, long shape. When cooked, it has a subtle nut-like aroma and taste. The grains cling and are somewhat sticky when cooked, which makes it ideal for soups, stews or with grilled or fried lamb, chicken or goat.

AKILA Red Split Lentels

Red split lentils are made from removing the outer skin of a red football lentil and splitting it in two. They are high in fibre and protein, low in fat and are very quick and easy to cook. Their soft texture makes them perfect for curries, soups, dhal, stews, and pureed dishes.

AKILA Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the world’s healthiest and most popular snack foods. It is a whole grain food, making it naturally high in vitamins, minerals, fibre and polyphenols, which are linked to various health benefits.

AKILA White Sugar

AKILA White Sugar is a granulated sugar that has a fine texture and quick dissolving granules. It is used as a general household sweetener in foods, beverages and baking. It can also be used as a preservative.

AKILA Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a sucrose sugar product with a distinctive brown colour due to the presence of molasses, a type of sugar-derived syrup. It has slightly less concentrated sweetness than white sugar. The molasses in brown sugar retains moisture, so using it will result in baked goods that are softer yet denser, such as zucchini bread and rich cookies.


Our name says it best: “AKILA”, which means “intelligent” or “wise”, is your assurance that you can always serve our products with confidence.

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